Visual Studio – Dynamics AX 2012 R3 – Version control integration

Hi to all,


Today from an MS engineer (thanks Mansour) I got the information that when working with Visual Studio projects (stored in AOT) it is recommended to use “Microsoft Dynamics AX Version Control” as source control plug-in for Visual studio.



See here the link of the MS Engineer for full documentation of the information provided.


Doing that you still will use the version control system set up in AX (i.e. Team foundation server) but it is no longer managed directly by Visual studio but through AX TFS integration.

Having this you can check projects in and out in both Visual Studio Solution Explorer and MorphX IDE. You can view the history in MorphX IDE.






  • There seems to be some limitation for Analysis services project. See the following note on MSDN ( )
  • In addition, I have noted that some TFS Explorer functionalities will be no longer visible until you switch back to “Visual Studio Team Foundation Server”.


Using “Microsoft Dynamics AX Version Control”

Instead using “Visual Studio Team Foundation Server”

  • Also the history in Visual Studio cannot be seen unless switch back to Visual Studio Team foundation Server.


Happy DAXing

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