New Whitepaper: An introduction to surrogate key replacement in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Microsoft has now provided a new whitepaper that explains everything around the new surrogate key concepts added in AX2012.

You can download the whitepaper here:

From the document: 

  • Explanation of surrogate keys concept and definition
  • Table Field Group AutoIdentification (Automatically managed through replacement key vs. manual managed in advanced scenarios)
  • Forms “Reference Control” (display human-understandable data in place of surrogate foreign keys)
  • Forms “Reference Group control” (specialized version of the group control to show primary table data)
  • Forms “Segmented Entry control” (specialized control designed specifically for use with account number entry)
  • Forms “Reference Data Source” (Read only data source of a referenced primary table, to show additional information in a form)
  • Forms “Reference Fields” (physical binding to Reference Controls that allows developer to override default lookup and resolving behavior)
  • Class  SysReferenceTableLookup for custom lookup coding
  • Class FormRun extensions

In addition for all topics there are provided examples to understand how to use the functionalities in different scenarios. 

This whitepaper is a must read for each developer using AX2012!!!

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