New Whitepaper: Change management and TFS integration for multi developer projects in Microsoft Dynamics AX2012

Finally a new white paper for change management was provided from Microsoft through information source. This document includes also some topics regarding building AX2012 including VS projects.

Here the link for the document. You need access to information source to download it.

From the document:


This document describes development tasks and best practices that are related to application life cycle management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. It focuses on managing metadata changes across Microsoft Dynamics AX installations when multiple developers are working on the same application.

1. Private AOS topology with TFS

A private AOS topology is a setup where each developer has his or her own Microsoft Dynamics AX client, AOS instance, model database, and business database. This development topology is recommended by Microsoft. Artifacts are synchronized between developers by using one of the supported version control systems (VCSs) in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and a solution is produced by creating a “build” of the sources in the VCS. Microsoft Dynamics AX supports integration with the following VCSs: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft MorphX VCS, and TFS. This document covers only TFS.

This topic discusses the tasks for administators and developers in order to build models using a single AOS per developer and build.

2. Shared AOS topology

This section describes a shared AOS development topology and contains guidelines to help you achieve the most predictable experience when multiple users are sharing the same AOS instance. This topology is not recommended, because many issues may arise

In addition some interesting topics around branching,signing models, user permissions and build informationsare provided.

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One Response to New Whitepaper: Change management and TFS integration for multi developer projects in Microsoft Dynamics AX2012

  1. Franz Ladurner says:

    cool thing…but my build is better 🙂

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